I reduce overwhelm for  Care & Social Business Leaders 

   Hi, I’m Ronah !

I am delighted you are here. 

 I grew up in Germany & Italy, before returning to my home country Ireland.

A 20 yr career in social care followed which I enjoyed immensely until Stress related health concerns brought that career path to an End.

After accessing therapeutic supports, I researched and studied a number of evidence based Mental Health Support Strategies to support other Carers.

I founded the social enterprise CNI and for the next 5 years devised Wellbeing  Supports to empower Care Professionals  gaining valuable Enterprise, Project Management, Team Management and networking skills.

This experience of running my own social impact driven business opened my eyes to the overwhelm care and social business leaders can feel trying to support others while managing the complexities of running a business.

This led me to where I am today: Providing Consultancy & Wellbeing Services to busy care and social business leaders and their Teams.

Let me help you with  overwhelm & tasks that drain your energy…

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Ronah supported us with consultancy supports involving a funding database that was required over a relatively short space of time. She completed the project efficiently and on time and we were were very happy with the her input into this project.

B.V 2023

Training Expert

Ronah collaborated with  us with on a european mental health project and provided us with excellent feedback and consultancy services.  She has extensive knowledge of the care, mental health and social enterprise sector in Ireland. We would highly recommend her for any collaborative projects.

B.Y. 2022

SE Founder

Ronah has developed and facilitated both in-person and remote groups for us on carer self-care, mindfulness, yoga, and various other therapies. Ronah’s abilities and attention to detail, as well as her empathetic and understanding nature have been essential in the delivery of these sessions and feedback received from attendees is always of the highest praise.

F. K.2022

Care Support Manager

Consultancy & Wellbeing Services

Wellness Consultancy

Health & Care Consultancy

Looking to reduce stress and low moral in your workplace?

Want a Team that is productive, inspired and happy at work?

I am a Care Sector & Wellbeing Expert who will support you create that Wellbeing Strategy you need.

Social Business Consultancy

Those funding applications driving you crazy?

Need guidance, expertise, around sourcing supports,  collaborations, creating Impact or making connections that grow your Impact?

I have 5 years experience as a Social Enterprise leader with team management, networking, funding, business and project management skills.

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 Wellbeing Programs

Are you sick of generic Wellbeing programmes that your workers can’t relate to?

Are you tired of attending Wellbeing solutions that don’t empower and support You & your Team?

I tailor all my workshops to the  needs of the group and my most popular ones are:

Self Care, Mental Health Awareness, Stress, Yoga & Mindfulness for Individuals in Caring Professions.

I am a qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Aroma- and Massage Therapist. I have 15 years experience as a facilitator for care and community organisations.

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Healthy Habit Guide ROR by ronahcorcoran

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This 12 Page Healthy Habit Guide is perfect to get you started on your Wellness Journey.

It covers the top 5 Healthy Habits and includes Tracking Sheets to keep you motivated.

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Ronah Corcoran O’Reilly is a social entrepreneur, wellness expert and former care worker.  She provides Consultancy & Wellbeing Services to Care & Social Business Leaders.

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