I help overwhelmed Care Folk  find  Balance.

 Hi, I’m Ronah!

I am delighted you are here. Here’s a little about me..

Growing up in Germany & Italy I returned home to Ireland in 1998.

I got my degree and then worked for 20 years as a social care worker in child, youth and homeless services in Dublin and Galway.

During that time I studied holistic therapies and even started providing Wellness Classes to clients & staff in my spare time.

Life was great.

Then, one day  my world collapsed around me after a traumatic incident at work.

I was unable to function & couldn’t complete simple, daily tasks.

I  took some time off work, made some positive changes and went back to Education to train in Mindfulness & Mental Health Supports.

Today, I help others in  the care & community sector find ways to put themselves first & achieve a healthier Work Life Balance.

In Health,Ronah


I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Ronah in the past, the most recent of which was after a traumatic surgery. Ronah’s treatment helped me feel calm, relaxed and I believe it helped my recovery and healing from the surgery. I would highly recommend Ronah as a very kind, caring and professional practitioner.


Educational Specialist

I have attended several workshops and one-to-one sessions with Ronah over the years. Ronah has worked in the social care sector for many years and that, together with her research in this area, has given her an in-depth and first-hand experience of the support needs of carers. With her additional background in holistic therapies, I have found her to be of huge support and benefit to me. 


Social Care Worker

Ronah has developed and facilitated both in-person and remote groups for us on carer self-care, mindfulness, yoga, and various other therapies. Ronah’s abilities and attention to detail, as well as her empathetic and understanding nature have been essential in the delivery of these sessions and feedback received from attendees is always of the highest praise.

F. K.

Care Support Manager

Individual & Group Wellness Supports

Wellness Consultancy


Looking to reduce costs and  abseeintism in the workplace?

Would you like to reward your staff and introduce  Wellness Supports?

Want to find out how staff can be more productive and happy in the workplace?

Contact me below to arrange an introductory call.


I am a qualified Wellness & Life Coach and would love to support you to become a more balanced and healthier You.

I will guide you to set health goals, better manage stress and provide you with tools to support your Wellbeing.

I follow a holistic model  looking at the whole person.



 Group Facilitation

 I have provided hundreds of wellness workshops to care and community clients and employees.

They cover topics such as Relaxation, Yoga, Self Care, Aromatherapy, Reiki &  Mindfulness.

The Group supports can be in form of Wellness Sessions, Events, Programmes or Talks.


Healthy Habit Guide ROR by ronahcorcoran

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This 12 Page Healthy Habit Guide is perfect to get you started on your Wellness Journey.

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Ronah O’Reilly is a Wellpreneur and former care worker of 20 years.  She specialises in  Stress Reduction Programmes for Community & Care Organisations.

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