Honouring the change of seasons is a holistic way to live. The summer solstice happens around June 21st each Year. It celebrates the longest day of the Year and the arrival of summer.

It celebrates the sun which makes things blossom and grow.

Here are 6 ideas to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice:

1.Sun Salutations

 Practicing Sun Salutations is a perfect routine for welcoming the summer solstice.

This is a Yoga flow sequence with 12 asanas traditionally known as Surya Namaskar

Here is a visual of this powerful sequence.

2. Involve the kids & make a Nature Mandala, Flower Mandala or Sun Shaped Mandala!

3. Spend Time in Nature

Spending Time in Nature by gardening or just experiencing the beauty of the

Outdoors are all wonderful ways to celebrate this June. Appreciate how the plants are thriving and give thanks.

4. Waking with sunrise, saluting the sunset

Say hello to the sun at sunrise and goodbye at sunset. This will connect you to the cycles of nature.

5. Journal and take time for gratitude

Practicing gratitude and taking time to journal are great activities to do this time of Year.

6. Meditate outdoors

Even just 5 minutes meditating outdoors has wonderful benefits for both

body and mind. Let the sun surround, envelop and soothe you.

Find it hard to meditate? Grab your free meditation guide now.

Connecting with nature, the seasons is a truly wonderful way of life.

Solstice Blessings,