The stormy weather outside  reminds me of the heaviness I am feeling all around me.


What might help others, like me,  who are struggling today, I ask myself?

And then,  puff ..like magic..  I come across this beautiful reminder :




 Things we can’t control

We can’t avoid crappy stuff happening  that we have no control over.

We cannot change it, make it ‘unhappen’ or wish it away. It just is.

This does not mean we shouldn’t care about the worlds affairs or things that are unjust.

However, we needn’t  let it take centre stage and consume us but instead focus on things we can control.

 Things we can control

These are our awn actions and responses to situations and here are some suggestions:

We can  say thanks to those who support us.

We can be kind & offer a smile to those we meet.

We can emerse ourselves in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

We can  spend time with people who lift our spirits.

You get the idea….


And, believe it or not, as soon as I wrote those words I received a lovely unexpected message of pure kindness. 

So, for today, BELIEVE IN THE GOOD  that is everywhere to be found. 😉


In Wellness,


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