My Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate disclosure :

I will point you towards a variety of products/services on my pages and in my  posts where I will use affiliate links. By the way I recommend you to do the same on your website!

If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product or service, I may be paid a small commission.  However, your cost will be the same.

You may therefore question whether I am promoting this product/service to make money, or recommending it because I feel it is in your best interest? I love supporting individuals and will only recommend services and products I :

  1. Have used personally and think are terrific OR
  2. Have researched and received first-hand feedback from other successful entrepreneurs I trust.

I give a lot of valuable information away for free because I want to help female leaders and women projects succeed. Affiliate links are one of the ways I get paid for the time I spend on  writing articles and  training programmes.