How a painful experience led me to my path of helping others find  balance…

This picture is of me  in Italy, my favourite holiday destination.


Life appeared perfect to all those around me but inside I knew all was not well.

The truth was that I was hurting and fearful.


This is what post traumatic stress looks like.

I live on the atlantic coast in beautiful Galway, Ireland.


Galway is  a city of culture, full of artists and traditional Irish music.


I  love Galway because it is a buzzing city yet is also surrounded by beaches & amazing natural beauty.


This is a photo of me with my son and husband during a family holiday to Donegal, Ireland in 2020.


These two are the most important people in my life!

They keep me grounded and make me happy.



As a little girl, I wanted to be an Aid Worker.


My background involves working as a care worker for 20 years in Child, Youth and Homeless Services.

After that and for the next 5 years, I was CEO of my social enterprise, supporting Carers & Care Workers in Ireland.

Today I work for myself helping other business leaders  reduce the overwhelm in their life..





The Effects of Stress & Pain


In my twenties, excess stress would manifest in lower back pain.

In my thirties, the pain was so bad I could not walk for months on end, requiring medical attention.

In my forties I  hit rock bottom when I  struggled with Post Traumatic Stress after a violent work incident.

I was a senior care worker with numerous wellness qualifications yet was completely unprepared for the effects of  Trauma on my Body & Mind.

I felt helpless and things needed to change..




How Stress impacts your Work & Family Life


When we are stressed, it affects those around us and those we work with but also on our quality of work.

It is completely normal to feel out of sorts if we have experienced excessive stress.

Acknowledging this is a first step to regaining our Health.