Are you a project manager that spends most of their time fixing rotas

and sourcing staff to cover shifts? Is it draining your energy?

You are not alone.

Post Covid a new and worrying trend has emerged: Record low staffing levels in the Health Care sector.

‘’ Staffing levels across healthcare have hit record lows with an additional 15.000 healthcare workers needed by 2035, according to ESRI.’’

In late 2023 when I was in a different role, I conducted a survey with 80 care workers and asked them what would attract new staff/keep existing staff in their jobs, in their opinion.

Below are the results. Some of the answers of participants may surprise you

 ”Better Pay” was top of the list at 29 % followed by ”Inhouse Incentives” at 26 % , ”Mental Health/Wellbeing Supports” was next at 19%. A shocking 21 % answered ”a friendly work environment”. The remaining 5 % offered ”Respect”, ”Flexible working arrangements”, ”Training opportunities” and ”More time with clients” as possible solutions to keeping and attracting care workers.

 Here are my 3 low cost tips for healthier and happier care staff.

  1. Appreciate & Respect your Workers

Many Care workers feel completely undervalued. Yes, you read that right.

They are usually overworked and stressed to the hills by end of their shift.

Could you incorporate a weekly check-in with your team members, create a Friday fun day, carer of the month award, flexible working arrangements or staff appreciation days?

Check out some  great initiatives  coming from the UK social care sector:

2. Offer In House Incentives

One of the biggest issues for workers currently is the cost -of- living crisis.

Anything that can dampen the blow is appreciated-trust me!

Access to free schemes, once off vouchers, left over donations are some ideas you can add to make things that little bit easier.

3.Ask staff for their Input

Check in with your staff regularly and ask them how they are.

Involve frontline workers on decisions that are affecting them directly.

Avoid changing their rota without their knowledge or without giving adequate notice. Ask them for their input if you are working on a new project or initiative.

Workers talk to each other. If they feel listened to, they will tell their peers which will be more effective and cheaper way to attract new talent than those costly recruitment ads..

Have you tried any of these in your company? What have been the results? Share below.

Author: Ronah Corcoran-O’Reilly, Wellbeing & Biz Consultant for Care, Community & Social Enterprise

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